Weight Loss Yoga Course

Weight Loss Yoga Course

Exclusive 5 Week Weight Loss Yoga Course

Yoga Instructor: Dr Deepa Apté


10 Sessions Starting Sunday 2nd Feb 2020 – 3rd March 2020

Time: Sundays: 9am – 10:00am Wednesdays: 7pm – 8pm

Location: Ayurveda Pura Health Spa & Beauty Centre

Price: £130.00 for 10 sessions (No Drop ins)


To book a place, please contact us on

Tel: 0208 312 8383 (option 3) or

Email: Spa@AyurvedaPura.com

The Weight loss yoga course is structured to help improve metabolism at a physical, emotional and mental levels. Yoga positions are designed to target specific areas of the body to help encourage weight loss in a stable and healthy manner. Each session will comprise yoga positions, breathing exercises and meditation. The course attendees will be requested to maintain a journal which will be reviewed by Dr Apte every week. Dr Apte will also be handing out individual plans which will involve diet, herbs or massage therapy suggestions to suit your individual needs and body types.

The attendees will get a 15% discount on all Ayurvedic treatments until 10th March 2020

Weight loss Yoga course at Ayurveda Pura

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