Ayurvedic Food and Cookery Workshop 20 February 2018

Ayurvedic Food and Cookery Workshop 20 February 2018

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Join Dr Deepa Apté in this one day workshop on Ayurvedic Food and Cookery. Find out why certain people react in a certain way to specific foods. Also find out what optimum balanced diet, according to Ayurveda is. Upon completion of this workshop, you can go away with several recipes (and how to prepare them) to suit various Dosha types.

During this workshop, you will also learn the basics of a detoxifying diet and what it should comprise of. Also learn what Ayurveda means by nourishing, stimulating and refreshing diet to suit various Dosha types and their imbalances.


Time: 10am to 4pm

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Course Content and what you will learn:

Introduction to principles of Ayurveda

Explanation of the 3 Doshas or body types and their characteristics Introduction to the six tastes and their correlation to the 3 Doshas Qualities/characteristics of food according to Ayurveda Selecting foods to suit the three Doshas (what is beneficial and what to avoid) The secret of anti-ageing foods.

Practical hands on session to cook food according to Dosha types Learn recipes to suit the three Dosha types

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Additional Information

Name Ayurvedic Food and Cookery Workshop 20 February 2018
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