Active Re-Juvenating Skin Toner: Re-Balance Formula - TRIDOSHIC (organic)


    Tridoshic: For all skin types

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Product Description

"Having combination skin, this toner was perfect for me. I find a lot of toners can be quite harsh towards my skin, but this was very gentle. The fragrance was fruity and uplifting as well and I felt like my face was totally cleansed with the combination of the facewash and toner."
So Vain Magazine

" relax and comfort the skin a little more, it is a fantastic partner for after a deep-cleanse / exfoliation / masque as the richness comforts skin which can sometimes be left feeling a little tight. It's also quite nicely aromatic.100% natural and free from, chemicals. I doubt there are many toners as rich out there and as you won't use it everyday it will last you a long time, so I say worth the price tag."
Sara Oliveira, Beauty Tricks

Ayurveda Pura's 100% Natural and Organic certified Active Re-Juvenating Skin Toner tones the skin and balances the five Doshic elements (fire, water, earth, air & space), making it suitable for all skin types.

Made with a unique blend of re-juvenating Floral Waters, Ginseng and Aloe Vera, it will leave your face cleansed with nature’s gifts, looking and feeling bright and toned.

Hand-made and faithful to the 5000 year-old tradition of Ayurveda, the Indian holistic science of health, wellbeing and beauty.

Additional Information

Quantity 150ml
Ingredients Rose Geranium , Aloe Vera, Witch hazel
Benefits • Rose is a natural skin rejuvenating herb, its natural astringent and cooling properties help to deep cleanse and nourish the skin. • Unique Blend of Floral Waters for each toner and skin type cleanses the skin with nature’s gifts and leaves you looking and feeling bright and toned. • Rose Geranium helps to cleanse skin, has wound healing properties and helps with circulation. • Aloe Vera removes excess heat from the skin, helps to prevent acne, soothes and cools the skin, helps to heal wounds and has natural sun screen properties. • Witch hazel is a natural astringent, removes impurities, tightens skin and reduces inflammation
Body Type Tridoshic
Skin Type All Skin Types
Additional Information
  • 100% Pure Natural Ingredients
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Free of SLS
  • Free of Artificial Perfume
  • Free of Parabens & Petrochemicals
  • Free of Animal Products
  • Free of Animal Testing
  • Faithful to Ayurveda, the 5000 year old Indian holistic approach to health and beauty