Face and Head Treatments

At the Ayurveda Pura Health Spa & Beauty Centre we provide you with a luxurious range of signature treatments each carefully put together to bring you good health to the body and mind.

Shirodhara - Forehead Oil Flow Treatment (1 hour)£75
A blissful treatment involving a steady stream of warm oil being gently poured in a rhythmical movement over the central Chakra point on the forehead. Deeply relaxing, this treatment can help to remove stress.
Mukhabhyanga - Traditional Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage (1 hour 15 minutes)£75
Mukhabhyanga - Traditional Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage (30 minutes)£40
An excellent treatment for the prevention of wrinkles. This massage relaxes the face muscles and stimulates facial micro-circulation and lymph flow, thereby promoting the regeneration of healthy, younger looking skin.
Shiroabhyanga Head Massage (45 minutes)£55
Shiroabhyanga Head Massage (30 minutes)£40
This intensely relaxing and revitalising massage nourishes both hair and roots
Karana Purana - Ear Treatment (50 minutes)£55
A relaxing treatment of the ears that can help to cleanse and open channels.
Akshitarpana - Eye Treatment (1 hour)£65
An unique Ayurvedic treatment that can bring relief to stressed, tired, burning and watery eyes.
Nasya - Nasal Clearing (50 minutes)£52
A gentle facial massage is followed by a stream therapy and the application of warm herbal oils through the nose. This treatment can be highly effective in relieving headaches, sinusitis, migraines, sleep ailments and tiredness.

Prices are subject to change. Please confirm pricing when making your booking.

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