Health Spa & Beauty Centre

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Welcome to Ayurveda Pura's Health Spa & Beauty Centre, a luxurious day spa offering a wide range beauty, Ayurvedic and other holistic treatments. Situated in Greenwich, London, our purpose-built spa facilities comprise 4 treatment rooms, 2 shower rooms, a yoga studio and a health café. It is also home to the Ayurveda Pura Academy, which offers world-renowned therapist training.

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Ayurveda Pura Spa Hours  
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*The spa is temporarily closed due to the government COVID-19 mandate of certain business activity.  We will update hours once these temporary measures have been lifted. 

“I never knew that my forearms could feel orgasmic, but under the palms of Dr Deepa Apte they experienced pleasure like never before.”

Daisy Greenwell, Writer, The Times

“The deep tissue massage at Ayurveda Pura is going to be a regular fixture on my beauty calendar from now on."

Annabel Harrison, Editor, Canary Wharf magazine

"This chic little centre offers comprehensive ayurvedic personal consultations with a team of top experts and a variety of health and beauty treatments to get you looking and feeling a million dollars."

Emma Van Hinsbergh, Editor, Natural Health Magazine

“I bounced out of the spa full of energy and slept better that night than I had in weeks. If you're looking for a highly relaxing treatment, this is it.”

Taylor Anderson, Reporter, Zest magazine

“I left the clinic feeling like I was floating on air and filled with advice on how to improve my lifestyle. Ahead of me the buildings of Canary Wharf towered, reminding me of the real world that still existed outside of the calming Ayurveda Pura.”

Elisabeth Edvadrsen, Editor,

“I needed to release the tension of the built up stress, clear my mind and return to myself and with Ayurveda Pura’s Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Whole Body Massage I found exactly what I was looking for.”

Michaela Olexova, Founder of