Ayurveda Pura is excited to announce a new customer experience with our new branding and website  

This transition is being made with our customers at the heart of this new journey.  The name change itself is driven by the need to move into global markets where the word ‘Ayurveda’ is considered in some countries as a medical term.  Nothing will change in regards to our management / family ownership, the services we offer or the high quality sourcing of all natural and certified organic ingredients.  

We continue to strive to keep our finger on the pulse of the ever changing global markets and know this is the next step to provide our products and services worldwide.  

To assist in transitioning our valued customers, we will keep the Ayurveda Pura website functioning for the next few months. However, know you are warmly welcomed to start enjoying the new website and its improved customer ordering experience.


How do I register with NaturBliss?

If you are a registered customer of Ayurveda Pura London, most likely your account is awaiting to be activated. 

To activate your account simply, click on ‘Log in’ at the top right of, then click on ‘forgot my password’, enter your email address and submit.  For registered accounts an email will be sent to activate your account.  If after 5 minutes the email does not show up in your inbox always check your spam folder.  

On the rare occasion that no account is found then proceed to ‘Create account’ at the top right of the page and follow the directions.  

If you have any issue setting up your account please feel free to email

Click the logo below to be taken to the new Naturbliss website!


Please enjoy and be well!