• I never knew that my forearms could feel orgasmic, but under the palms of Dr Deepa Apte they experienced pleasure like never before.
    Daisy Greenwell, Writer, The Times
  • The deep tissue massage at Ayurveda Pura is going to be a regular fixture on my beauty calendar from now on."
    Annabel Harrison, Editor, Canary Wharf magazine
  • Those in need of a post-summer pick-me-up should head to new spa-cum-café, Ayurveda Pura, tucked away in the colourful Millenium Village."
    Candida Balfour, Time Out London
  • "A real natural and delicious smelling range"
    Bianca London, Daily Mail
  • I bounced out of the spa full of energy and slept better that night than I had in weeks. If you're looking for a highly relaxing treatment, this is it.
    Taylor Anderson, Reporter, Zest magazine
  • "Along with earth, air and water, holistic is set to be a beauty buzz word for 2012, with a greater focus on products that combine overall wellness with wrinkle-busting prowess. And what could be more holistic than...Holistic Essentials, Ayurveda Pura’s skincare range made with Ayurvedic principles in mind. With no animal derived ingredients and no parabens, the lotions and potions in the range are made from 100 per cent natural ingredients and come in recyclable packaging."
    Ruth Styles, Writer, The Ecologist

  • "I'm a complete convert to Holistic Essential's skincare range, following a spa treatment at Ayurveda Pura where I was introduced to the range. Their daily replenish cream is neither too greasy nor too light and is the perfect moisturiser I've ever used, leaving my dry 'vata' skin feeling soft, plump and smooth. Free from anything un-natural or toxic, I completely trust Ayurveda Pura to use the highest quality natural products that will nourish and feed my skin." 
    Sally Lovett, Author of The Wellbeing Guide to London
  • I left the clinic feeling like I was floating on air and filled with advice on how to improve my lifestyle. Ahead of me the buildings of Canary Wharf towered, reminding me of the real world that still existed outside of the calming Ayurveda Pura.
    Elisabeth Edvadrsen, Editor, www.hippyshopper.com
  • I needed to release the tension of the built up stress, clear my mind and return to myself and with Ayurveda Pura’s Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Whole Body Massage I found exactly what I was looking for.
    Michaela Olexova, Founder of www.thebaoli.com
  • Remarkably, my Zen-like state continued for the length of my 90-minute rush-hour commute back home. The after-effects of the treatment continued for days after the treatment: my hair was unusually shiny and manageable, and my skin felt smoother, and clearer.
    Lucia Cockcroft, Editor, http://www.yoga-abode.com
  • "This chic little centre offers comprehensive ayurvedic personal consultations with a team of top experts and a variety of health and beauty treatments to get you looking and feeling a million dollars.
    Emma Van Hinsbergh, Editor, Natural Health Magazine.
  • "I just wanted to tell you that I bought a Shirodhara head rest from you all 4 or 5 months ago.  And I just love it!  It is truely wonderful and makes the shiro experience so much better.  Thanks for designing a great product."
    Ginna, Vermont - USA 
  • "Your Chyawanprash is the best Chyawanprash that I have had.  I have tried many of the other brands and they do not even come close to yours.  It tastes lovely and I can see the beneficial effects...it's now a fixture in my daily routine."
    Victoria R, Manchester 
  • "Just thought I would let you know that your herbs are very effective.  I am a herbalist and take a great interest in the quality of the herbs that I use in my client practice and also for my own personal needs. I have been using a range of your herbal capsules for over 3 months now and think they are superb. Please can I order..."
    Richard S, Scotland
  • "I ordered some products from you on Thursday afternoon and it all arrived first thing on Saturday which was so impressive!  I have been using the Neem soap since then I really love how soft my skin feels afterwards and it doesn't dry it at all.  I also used the lovely free sample face mask this morning, which also leaves the skin feeling lovely."
    M P, London
  • "I received my Shirodhara stand yesterday and I am very happy it looked perfect.  I like the quality of the wood and perfect finish, just like I saw in India."
    Isabelle, France
  • "Received in record time!"
    Marion, Bath
  • "I have studied Yoga, Ayurveda for many years now and the Ayurvedic Therapist training brought my understanding to new levels. It was beautifully taught by Dr Deepa Apte’ and was of such quality that it has transformed my life. I am deeply grateful for her love and service in offering these ancient teachings and for the light that she has shed on my path."
    Ms. N A Snowdonia, Wales
  • "Many thanks for such an interesting and informative workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will be letting others know just how good the Academy is."
    Ms F.P., London
  • "...The Ayurveda Pura Academy is by far the best provider of training that I have been on. Highlyprofessional, well delivered and extremely enjoyable. I will be booking my next course soon...."
    Ms A.J., Dublin
  • "....Please pass on my sincere thanks to Dr Deepa Apte. She is a truly excellent teacher - down to earth, a lovely style and brimming with lots of authentic knowledge and practical tips for my Ayurvedic spa treatments. Her deep understanding of Ayurveda and her ability to explain things in an easy to understand way was really impressive...
    Mrs J.S., Dover
  • "Please thank Dr Deepa Apte for a most rewarding workshop on Saturday; such a lovely lady and superb communicator and I so look forward to booking more workshops, will do this week. Best Wishes…"
    F.S, London
  • "I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Ayurveda pura for another fantastic day there on Saturday - I thoroughly enjoyed the course, my treatment and my curry! I always look forward to visiting, everyone makes me feel so welcome.
    Frances, Edinburgh
  • " The Ayurvedic Face Lift and Ayurvedic Weight Loss workshops were very good and I learned very much.  The support diagrams and theory texts are clear and well organised but mostly, it is Dr Apte's ability to teach in a holistic manner, going to the bottom of the question each everytime, that made us feel such an upgrade in both our knowledge and confidence to practice.
    M&L, Portugal
  • "Dr Apte’s knowledge about Ayurveda was very comprehensive and she was fascinating to listen to, and I think I speak for the entire group when I say, ‘we had a great day’.  Deepa was a lovely tutor with a great presence and she delivered the course for us in such an enjoyable, easy manner.  We all found the routine flowed seamlessly and by the conclusion of the day we felt confident about performing an Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage."
     CTN Network Members
  • "The depth and quality of information that I received on this course exceeded my expectations.  Teaching is an art and you are artists; bringing the subject alive with analogies, experiences and such passion for the subject.  I really enjoyed the interaction with you and the way we were able to ask questions freely. I really didn't want to go home."
    S.Menon, Leamington Spa
  • "The highlight for me on the course was the tutor, Dr Deepa Apte, - very inspirational and passionate about the subject!"
    E.Smith, Surrey
  • "Thank you so much for today's course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am glad I shouted out louder than the rest to be your 'volunteer'! I'm definitely 'motivated' to go further down the Ayurevedic route and am seriously thinking about the 10-day course you are offering in March 2012. Once again, thank you so much for a thoroughly enjoyable informative day. Kind regards."
    Lucy H., Ilford
  • "I just received your copper neti and tongue scraper yesterday. Got up and used it for the first time this morning. LOVE IT. So much more of a cleansing effect than ceramic, plastic netis or stainless steel scrapers. Are they made in India? I would love to distribute the two products wholesale to local yoga studios here in Windsor. Can you give me details on wholesale prices and options and recommend any other products you might have."
    Devon B, Canada
  • "Hello Ayurveda Pura, It's great to see that you are working for Ayurveda and humanity in a complete traditional and safe way as suggested by ancient system of Ayurveda. Heartily well wishes to all your team members."
    Nitin G, UK
  • "If I had enough time and money, I would attend all the courses offered at Ayurveda Pura! Dr. Deepa Apté shares with passion her extensive knowledge and experience in Ayurveda with her students. Small classes allow individual attention and mentoring. Students of all levels of qualifications are accepted. Apart from that, very nice facilities and delicious food from Café Pura every day!"
    Edith E, London N16 
  • "I have received the supplements I had ordered, thank you very much.Your skin care range looks fab; ASfter finishing my tubes of Dr Hauschka, I'll change to your brand. It may help my very Vata skin!Kind regards."
    Stéphane J., UK
  • "I won a bottle of Brahmi and Amla with Mandarin Hair Oil in a competition. My hair oil arrived whilst I was on holiday, so I have only just had an opportunity to use it. Wow - I put the product on as per your instruction sheet and I left it on all day. In the evening I showered and washed my hair and my hair felt soft and silky for a week afterwards, despite having washed my hair a couple of times since. amazing product and I will definitely be buying it in future, regards"
    Karen from Hampshire
  • "So amazingly friendly, calming. Would totally recommend, Thank you"
    Susan T. (Ayurveda Pura Spa - Foot Massage)
  • "First time customer, would definitely come again and recommend!"
    Erica B. (Ayurveda Pura Spa - Weight Loss Package)
  • "Therapists were both professional, very good customer service."
    Sabina (Ayurveda Pura Spa - Top to Toe Package)
  • "This was my first time here and I enjoyed the facial thoroughly."
    Rashmi M. 
  • "One of the best facials I have had! Thank you!"
    Alfie B.
  • "Absolutely fab!"
    Emma D. (Ayurveda Pura Spa - Top to Toe)
  • "Overall everything was fantastic. Colette was superb."
    Christopher I. (Ayurveda Pura Spa - Abhyanga)
  • "Very much enjoyed!"
    Katie B. (Ayurveda Pura Spa - Top to Toe)