Ayurvedic Organic Skincare. A Review

Ayurvedic Organic Skincare. A Review

I also came across the Ayurevda Pura line whilst I was at Cam Expo. Like Pukka, they make wonderful teas that I have bought from Tri Yoga on a few occasions. I had no idea they had a skincare line, I was really excited when I saw all their products.
Ayurveda Pura is a Spa in Greenwich Village which was founded by Dr Deepa Apte. They had fully trained consultants as their reps at Cam Expo, who were incredibly helpful and even took my pulse and checked my tongue to see what Dosha I was. They decided I was Vata and then introduced me to the most suitable products. I wanted to try their whole line but in the end bought the Herbal Face Mask and the Replenish Face Cream. What struck me most about their products was their authenticity, they detailed all the herbs, why they were good for my skin and everything is sourced from India. The products smelt incredible! The scent evoked luxurious, warm, balmy evenings in India and my memories of the time I spent in India came gushing back. I love that Ayruveda Pura haven't shied away from their roots and have 100% embraced where they are from and what makes them so unique. I really am a convert. I am even thinking about doing some of their Ayurvedic workshops and visiting their spa soon.

AYURVEDA PURA. Holistic Essentials, Daily Replenish Face Cream. £20.71
Rating: 9/10

Soaked into my skin and kept in nourished all day.

Amazing natural scent using rose, neroli, orange, peach.

Uses Manjistha and Neem to help replenish and moisturise.

Good price

89.3% Organic but not certified by the soil association.

Packaging and branding is pretty underwhelming. It feels cheap. The products are so luxurious they need packaging to match!

AYURVEDA PURA. Holistic Essentials, Anti-Ageing Herbal Face Mask £29.13


Rating: 6/10

Smells amazing (like a beautiful incense). 

Contains sandalwood and rose to give younger and more radiant looking skin

Dried quickly

Skin felt deeply cleansed afterwards.


For me it felt a little too heavy and made my skin feel tight afterwards. 

It was very messy to apply.

Underwhelming plastic packaging.

It left a small red rash on my neck for about 45 mins after I had washed off. Which I didn't like and wasn't sure what in it had caused a reaction. I think it was probably the Koolin (china clay).