Ayurveda FAQs

Your Questions Answered

1. What is Ayurveda?

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2. What are the Doshas?

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3. What is special about Ayurveda Pura's products?

Ayurveda Pura's range of natural, herbal products:

  • are 100% true to Ayurvedic principles
  • use only 100% pure natural botanical ingredients from natural sources
  • use only the highest quality ingredients sourced from India and other parts of the world
  • are not tested on animals
  • do not use animal product ingredients in their ingredients
  • use recyclable, eco-friendly packaging, and
  • they are now organic certified with the OF&G (Organic Farmers and Growers Association)

4. How do I know a product is suitable for my body type?

In order to purchase a product that best suits your body type, we recommend that you answer Ayurveda Pura's short 2 minute questionnaire. Please click here to go to the questionnaire.

For further advice Click here here for details of Ayurveda Pura's Personal Consultation Services.

5. What is a Tridoshic product?

Some of Ayurveda Pura's products are Tridoshic which means that they enhance balance in all three Doshas or body types. They effectively reduce and even out undesirable excess of any of the Doshas and are therefore universally applicable.

6. How can I purchase Ayurveda Pura products?

Please click here to go to Shop Online.

7. How secure are my payments?

Please click here to view Ayurveda Pura's Secured Payments Policy.

8. What is the timing and cost of delivery?

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9.How do I return an item?

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10. Can I amend or cancel an order?

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11. How can I contact your Customer Services?

If you have an enquiry about Ayurveda Pura products or would like to provide us with your comments, please click here.

12. How do I obtain an Ayurvedic treatment?

Please find our Spa Menu  here  or alternatively call 020 8312 8383 (Option 3)