Dosha: Kapha Body type

Water and Earth

Kapha Dosha is the principle of stability and maintenance in any living organism and is a combination of the elements water and earth. Kapha Dosha is closely related to the lymphatic and immune system in the body and is responsible for the growth of the individual.
The main characteristics of Kapha Dosha in any person are:

Heaviness Deep voice, tendency towards obesity, large and heavy body, bones and muscles.
Coolness Cold skin, tendency towards attacks of cold, slow metabolism leading to reduced appetite and thirst.
Softness Soft skin and hair and tendency toward soft tender nails. Loving, caring and kind attitude.
Oiliness Oily body including skin, hair, nails, stools. Flexible and mobile joints.
Sweetness Tendency towards excess intake of sweet foods and drinks. Good anabolic state of the body.
Stability Patient and relaxed attitude. Firm decisions. Likes sedentary activities like reading, watching television etc.
Sliminess Excess salivation, thick slimy secretion when suffering from a cold. Thick joints with good mobility.
Some of the bodily functions ruled by Kapha Dosha are:
  • strength
  • maintenance of health
  • maintenance of the joint functions (synovial fluid)
  • smell
  • taste
  • anabolism and growth
  • potency
  • stability
  • nutrition
  • absorption
  • immunity
  • satisfaction
  • tolerance
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