Organic Ghee (Clarified Butter), 300g

  • Pure Natural Ghee
  • 300 G
  • Hand made in UK
  • Clarified butter
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Ghee has been used in Ayurveda for centuries for inner and outer wellbeing.
Ayurveda Pura’s Pure Natural Ghee is a food product handmade to an ancient Indian recipe.
All ingredients are processed under modern, hygienic conditions.
Hand-made and faithful to the 5000 year-old tradition of Ayurveda, the Indian holistic science of health, wellbeing and beauty.

Bottle Contents:

Each jar contains 300g of Ayurveda Pura’s Pure Natural Ghee.

Our Purity Pledge:

Our ingredients from hand selected certified organic and natural farming provides the care and attention that make our products authentically different. We are committed to creating long lasting relationships with our customers by sourcing and producing products from high-quality ingredients. All ingredients are subjected to rigorous testing by experienced professionals and free from heavy metals, bacteria and fungus.

How to Use:

For internal or external use.

Key ingredients:

Ghee (Clarrified Butter) is known in Ayurveda for many inner and outer health benefits.
More Information
Product Name Organic Ghee (Clarified Butter), 300g
Body Type Kapha, Pitta, Tridoshic, Vata
Quantity 300g
Related Information 300g
Ingredients Ghee(Clarrified Butter)
Short Description
  • Pure Natural Ghee
  • 300 G
  • Hand made in UK
  • Clarified butter
Cost €13.31
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Q. How often can you consume Ghee?
- Ghee can be used daily as part of cooking and Ayurvedic uses.

Q. What Dosha (body type) is best suited to consume ghee?
- Ghee is usually best for the balancing of Pitta and Vata. However in moderation can be considered tridoshic.

Q. Is it safe to ghee everyday?
- Yes ghee is safe in moderation or as advised by an Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Q. Do I need to add anything else to ghee?
- Ghee is used in many different ways internally and externally. Ghee can be infused with herbs per the instruction of a qualified professional. It is a healthy choice to cook with.

Q. Is it Natural?
- Ayurveda Pura’s Ghee is pure and natural.

Q. Do you ship overseas?
- We do ship overseas.

Q. Can I collect my order in person?
- You can collect you order at our Healthy & Beauty Centre located in North Greenwich - London.

Q. When to have Ghee?
- Our ghee can be enjoy at any time of the day as needed or advised.

Q. Is Ghee clarified butter?
- Ghee is Indian Clarified butter. It is golden in colour and does not contain milk solids which gives its pure quality.

Q. Can Ghee be consumed by those that are lactose intolerant?
- Many with dairy intolerance find they can use with no issues as there is usually no casein (a protein in milk) and lactose (whey) found in pure ghee. Therefore ghee seems tolerable for those who usually have difficulty consuming dairy otherwise.

Q. Can Ghee upset your stomach?
- Since milk solids are removed in the making of pure Ghee most find it a great option for those that are usually intolerant or prone to stomach upset. Ghee is considered to actually help in the support of the intestinal walls health because it is rich in butyric acid.

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