Luxury Ayurveda Pura Products by Blogger Elyse Silver , Sweet Elyse

Luxury Ayurveda Pura Products by Blogger Elyse Silver , Sweet Elyse

I kindly received the two sample skincare products from Ayurveda Pura London who are a holistic health spa and beauty centre based in London. If you do not live in or near London you can still visit their website which is linked below as well as shop their products online.

Their Holistic Essentials skincare products have won both the Green Parent Magazine award and the Natural Beauty Award, these commendations are pretty mega especially in the skincare field; other winners and runners up include Aromatherapy Associates, Naked Skin care and Dermalogica so you can imagine how absolutely awesome this range must be to receive those awards.

I was especially interested in these products because I am currently in the process of doing my yoga teacher's course. Yoga and Ayurveda do go hand in hand because they both aim to unite the body, mind and soul holistically. When all three are in harmony the person becomes the best version of themselves and seriously who doesn't want that in life? Ayurveda means 'science of life' and balancing each of our inner instincts will reduce illness and disease within our body - instincts include financial need, freedom, religion and procreative. Because everyone differs from the next person the Vedic types were created to help guide you on to the right path, knowing your type, strengths and weaknesses definitely helps to cut out the mental static of am I or aren't I types of questions.

Vedic types are basically ways of typing your body according to your 'real' body type, size and personality. For example...

Vata types according to Ayurveda are similar to today's ectomorph body type (model like or boy framed), either very tall or very short with bony limbs. Vata types find it difficult getting a decent sleep, talk fast and walk quickly, they have small eyes and thin lips as well as finding it difficult to gain weight. Personality wise they are creative, generous and try to avoid confrontation, they are natural worriers and can suffer from anxiety caused by over questioning and over analysing.

Kapha types are the thicker of the three types, they tend to have well-developed frames and larger limbs and may carry the tag of being 'heavy boned'. Legs tend to be shorter than their bodies and fat stores around their stomachs and chest area (apple types). Because of their tendency to hold on to fat their voices are lower, speech is slower and their skin is cooler and on occasion clammy to touch. Kapha types have the most caring of three personalities and are passionate and patient, they love being treated and love to spend mother on others rather than themselves.

Pitta types are similar to Mesomorphs who have tend to have average builds and well developed limbs. They can gain weight around the thighs and hips (pear shaped) and their skin tends to be fair which can lead to freckles and sunburn quite easily. Eyes are light blue, hazel or light grey with a sparkle to them and they can suffer from skin rashes and moles more than other types. Personality wise they are ambitious, confident and can become jealous quite easily. They are argumentative but only when they are passionate about the topic or actions, they have a great sense of humour which can come off as being sarcastic - Pitta types love their luxuries but won't overspend to feed their need of the good life.

Ayurveda practice aims to join the body to the head enabling us to feel good about ourselves, this feel good nature improves our health and so on. Most people can be a mixture of two types but usually have a predominant type. I personally fall into the Pitta type but can also see that I could veer toward the Kapha type if I'm not careful. You can check what type you are here,, I have to say having done my quiz it showed I was a Pitta and reading the Pitta type it's pretty spot on.

The products that I received are...

Re-juvenating Skin Toner, De-stress Vata // This is a witch hazel and floral water toner which is suitable for normal to dry skin types. The Vata products by Ayurveda Pura relate to the Dosha type of the customer and Vata in particular helps balance the air space according to Ayurveda practices for optimum health and wellbeing.

This toner is gorgeous and funnily enough reminds me of hot-cross buns. It has a slight warming herbal scent to it which I feel smells like buns but hubster can't smell it at all. It cleans the skin up nicely and doesn't leave any horrid residue or worse still spots. I would absolutely buy the full sized version but would probably want to try the Pitta version first to see how it performs with my Pitta body type.

Exfoliating Cream Re-balancing, Tridoshic cream // Tridoshic products have been blended to suit all types and this exfoliating cream contains Mandarin, Lemon, Lavender and Frangipani to help boost circulation and liven up the look of your skin. This does smell of frangipani and a hint of citrus which is surprisingly lovely - as an exfoliator I've found this does clean the skin up nicely, it has small exfoliates in it which isn't too abrasive on the skin and doesn't result in worse spots and cystic acne outbreaks. I've not been using this product for long enough to given an opinion on it's long term effects but as a exfoliator and in comparison to other brands I'd definitely reconsider this over many high street brands.

Both of these products were created in the UK and are free from nasties such as animal by products, artificial colourings and fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals and SLS; they haven't been tested on animals either which is very important. You can check out the range and their therapies over on the Ayurveda Pura London website. I absolutely recommend looking into your dosha type, chances are you've tried crazy diets before, tried self-help books, online communities, psychic readings or detoxes so what have you got to lose by finding out your type? Try making changes according to your type and I bet you see improvements within the month that you wouldn't have otherwise noticed.